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Full Property Management Services For Owners

We specialize in the following property types:

  •  Single Family Homes
  •  Lofts/ Condos
  •  Town Homes / Duplexes
  •  Multi-Family

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We know that rental property can eat away at your time so we’re completely set up to take care of everything from start to finish. We offer the following services for the fees listed below:

  •  Get your property advertised and out to the public via professional websites with meta tags broadcasting through Google, Craigslist, and over numerous other internet rental listing sites through the most progressive property management software on the market today.
  •  Personalized showings by licensed agents
  •  We check prospective prospective residents’: Background, Credit History, Previous Rental History, Sex Offender List and establish a resident’s propensity to pay rent through work history or co-signors when applicable.
  •  Lease signing - we provide an attorney approved lease
  •  Oversee utility change over.
  •  Manage tenant’s maintenance requests and contract applicable contracts to conduct repairs professionally and cost effectively.
  •  Arrange for all maintenance work to be done with your approval. (predetermined amount requires approval) (10% Surcharge added to all maintenance At Home schedules out. Keep in mind that At Home has worked out discounted rates for the maintenance and even with the surcharge the bill is most likely less than what you would normally pay if you scheduled it. For example on sewer clean outs most companies charge $125 for a clean out. Our costs on a normal sewer clean out is $70. With the surcharge you pay $77 and are still saving $48.)
  •  Rent Collection and electronic deposits right to your bank account. No more waiting for mail!
  •  Professional Electronic Reports to Owner broken down by property monthly sent right to your email.
  •  Move out inspections.
  •  Security Deposit Disposition process.
  •  Reinstate units to a “rent-ready” state between residents.

Service Fees

10% of each months gross income is the management fee and is charged monthly.  Plus a leasing fee each time it leases to new residents of 50% of the first full months rent.


A home that rents for $500 a month, and has a $300 pet fee. First month = 10% of the Rent = $50 10% of the Pet Fee = $30 Leasing Fee = $250 = $300. Each addition month = 10% of Rent = $50.

*Additional leasing fees may apply to homes outside of springfield

*Discounts available for multiple properties


WHAT TO EXPECT | Full Management Services 

  •  We will screen the residents’ and present the application to you for final approval once we’ve collected a security deposit/holding fee from the applicant.
  •  Once approved, we will execute the lease on your behalf as your agent.
  •  We will provide the resident with a copy of the lease and arrange a time for them to pick up keys, provide proof of utilities and set the residents up to pay their rent to us on-line when applicable.
  •  On Move-In day, the resident will come to our office to pick up the keys (we will give them 1 key and retain one key at our office, so always give us a spare so we can access the unit in an emergency).
  •  Our fee will automatically be taken out of the payments by our Property Management Software and you will receive a detail report via email each month with the Subject: “At Home Owner Statement”.
  •  Our goal is to flow through money within 4 days of "move in" and send your Owner Money and Owner
  •  On your first month, our fees come out of the rent along with you “reserve”.
  •  Your reserve is YOUR money held in our account in case small repairs are needed and keeps us from having to ask you to send a check between rental payments to cover repairs. We prefer this be paid up front in case any small repairs arise before collecting rents.
  • Recurring reports on the 5th day of the month.


If you have any questions or are interested in At Home Real Estate Services Property Management options, then please call us at 417-832-0885.

Thank you!

The At Home Team

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