Property Management Fees

At Home collects 10% of gross revenue as the management fee and the amount is charged monthly.

In addition, a leasing fee applies each time that the property leases to new residents – 50% of the first full month’s rent.

For Example:

A home that many rent for $500 a month, and has a $300 pet fee breaks down below.

First month :

  • 10% of the Rent = $50
  • 10% of the Pet Fee = $30
  • Leasing Fee = $250 = $300

(Each addition month = 10% of Rent = $50)

* Additional leasing fees may apply to homes outside of springfield

* Discounts are available for multiple properties

WHAT TO EXPECT | Our Management Services 

We screen the residents’ and present the application to you for final approval once we’ve collected a security deposit/holding fee from the applicant.  Once approved, we will execute the lease on your behalf as your agent.

  • We will provide the resident with a copy of the lease and arrange a time for them to pick up keys, provide proof of utilities and set the residents up to pay their rent to us on-line when applicable.
  • On Move-In day, the resident will come to our office to pick up the keys (we will give them 1 key and retain one key at our office, so always give us a spare so we can access the unit in an emergency).
  • Our fee will automatically be taken out of the payments by our Property Management Software and you will receive a detail report via email each month with the Subject: “At Home Owner Statement”.
  • Our goal is to flow through money within 4 days of “move in” and send your Owner Money and Owner
  • On your first month, our fees come out of the rent along with you “reserve”.
  • Your reserve is YOUR money held in our account in case small repairs are needed and keeps us from having to ask you to send a check between rental payments to cover repairs. We prefer this be paid up front in case any small repairs arise before collecting rents.
  • Recurring reports on the 5th day of the month.

Interested in At Home Property Management options?

Please call us at 417-832-0885.

The At Home Team