“Your Property, Our Priority”


It is At Home’s mission to ethically and profitably exceed the expectations of our management clients and customers by strategically utilizing the most efficient and effective systems overseen by a caring, diligent, TEAM of professionals who treat each property and each client or customer’s need as if it were their own.


At Home was founded in 2007 by Trent Jackson & Michelle Gipson. Both were impressed with the other’s skill set and discussed the need for a Property Management company that cared with a basis in creating order to an industry that tends to be a bit chaotic. Their synergy aligned and shortly after At Home opened its doors. At Home started very small, and grew organically and quite quickly using word of mouth and sincere desire to give quality, caring service as their only advertising. At Home continues to focus on providing the best level or service possible for our owners and residents alike and feel like we are able to do that with a dedicated team that includes leasing, accounting, maintenance, and customer service departments. Team members that were foundational to the growth and success of At Home: Trent Jackson, Michelle Gipson, Chris Weich, Jamie Phelps, and Lee Hollifield. At Home continues to succeed and provide the best level of service to our owners and residents alike due to the hard work and dedication of our team of 17.


At Home works for owners, team members, and vendors and who respect, share and uphold our values. We are not in this business solely for profit, we truly want to help others and deliver great service. At Home manages a wide variety of properties and understand that not all properties can be brand new and have the latest trends and amenities to offer and some properties may have some quirks. It is our job to be a liaison between the owner of the property and the resident and to always be professional, respectful and diplomatic. It is our goal and intention that each property managed by At Home is safe, secure, clean and functional. At Home’s fiduciary duty is to the owner of the property, our Client. We also owe the residents that lease from us, our Customers, the duty of respect, quick response time and the sincere desire to treat their needs as if they were our own.


At Home cares about our Team, our Properties, our Clients, our Customers, our Vendors and our Mission. It is our sincere desire for each Client, Customer, Team Member, Vendor, Etc to have a positive experience with At Home. The At Home team works together focusing on the positive aspects of all situations in a solution based format. “We learn to solve problems by solving problems” -Dr. Tedd. We’ve grown to look at “problems” in a different light and work together to finds ways that they don’t happen often or re-occur. We don’t come to other team members or Owners with a “problem” but rather an “opportunity for improvement” with potential solutions already in motion. If one of our systems let us down, we find ways to fine tune it, to make it better, so it doesn’t happen in the future. We look at all areas of improvement PROactively rather than REactively. Here are some of our key-words that help define At Home’s culture:

  • Trust
  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Cutting Edge
  • Never stop learning “Sharpening the saw”
  • Compassion
  • Professional
  • Continual growth and improvement
  • Taking responsibility and ownership
  • Self actualization
  • Giving back to the team and to the community