How do I know if my application will be approved or disapproved?

The simple answer is there is not a way for us to know before a complete application comes in and we have processed all the information and have an answer back from the owner.

The owners are looking at/for the following criteria in prospective residents as a basis to approve or deny an applicant.

  • Good Rental History – We look for verifiable rental history with a non-related Landlord. We are looking for on-time payments, no reported issues with the landlord, including no unauthorized residents and/or unauthorized pets, damages, pest problems, etc. Proper notice will need to have been given to your landlord, and you cannot owe a balance.(Required)
    • Previous Evictions will result in an automatic denial. An exception may be made on an eviction over 5 years old with proof that the judgment has been satisfied  at the owner’s/manager’s discretion.
  • Job History/Income – We are looking for the same source of income for a minimum of 12 months. We will need verification of a net income of at least 3x the rent. (For Example: If the home rents for $500 a month you would need to be able to show at least $1500 of income per month.) Income can be verified with a current pay stub that shows YTD amount (and dated within the last 30 days), Bank Statements (3 months), or an Award Letter for monthly income from a government agency. (Required)
  • Background Check– We are looking for a clean background, having never been convicted of a felony, drug-related crime, or violent act. The owner may consider the severity and timing of a non drug related crime or violent act or felony with a letter of explanation.
  • Pet Information – We will need a photo of the pet, along with current and up to date vet records that include the pet’s age and breed. We do not accept dogs that are on the vicious breeds list. The owner of the property has to approve all pets. (Required) 
  • Credit – Personal credit is run and the following items are considered: 
    • Number of Current and Paid accounts with no late payments
    • Number of Accounts with late payments
    • Number of Accounts in collections
    • Bad checks
    • Any address and job information provided on the report that does or does not match the information provided on the application
    • Bankruptcy

Exceptions – If an applicant does not meet the criteria above, the owner may deny the application OR in an effort to try to work with the applicant they may ask for:

    • Co-signer/additional guarantor
    • Last Month’s Rent or a larger Security Deposit
    • Additional deposit or pre-payment of 2 or more months rent in advance
    • Other Additional Consideration

Multiple Applications – There are times when we have multiple applications on the same property. All applications will be presented to the owner as they are completed. The owner has the final say on which application will be approved.

Completed Application – An application is not complete until we have all applications in, all application fees paid, proof of income in for all applicants, all pet info in, and the rental history back from your current landlord. Also, a completed application is good for 30 days and is good for any of our available properties.

If you are not truthful on your application, you will be denied.

(The items above are basic criteria and do not represent all scenarios.)

At Home is an equal opportunity housing provider and no application will ever, under any circumstance, be denied nor a property be made unavailable because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.